Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Pixie Kitchen

Those of us who traveled the Central Oregon Coast from the mid-1950's on to the mid-1980's, or so, knew about the Pixie Kitchen Restaurant in Wecoma Beach which later became part of Lincoln City, Oregon.  As a child it was a real treat to go to Pixie Kitchen.  We only visited the Pixie Kitchen, in my childhood,  a couple of times as we journeyed from Eugene, Oregon to visit my Grandfather who lived in Tillamook, Oregon.  During the annual Antique Week Celebration in Lincoln City, this past February, we celebrated that old historic restaurant and Pixieland.  We put part of our Pixie Kitchen collection in the front display window of our business the Little Antique Mall, Inc. for the celebration.  We photographed some of it as we put it away after the event was over.  However, we always have an original Pixie Kitchen table in our coffee lounge area of our Mall.  Here is picture of that table. 

When you dined at the Pixie Kitchen you looked out into the Pixie Garden.  It was a whimsical affair with Pixie's engaged in different activities.  It all seemed so magical back then.

The Pixie's also had friends in the garden.

Fishing was big on the Oregon Coat in those days so of course Pixies fished, too.

You know summer is coming when the Brown Pelicans return to the Oregon Coast.  A pelican could always be found in the Pixie Garden.

But the Pixie Kitchen was also about dining.  
Here is a placemat from the latter years of the Pixie Kitchen!

Everything was about Pixie's even the coffee cups.

When you entered the Pixie Kitchen Restaurant you walked by carnival style mirrors that made you look short and stocky or tall and skinny or all wavy.  When you left the Pixie Kitchen you passed the Gift Shop.  You could find Pixie Figurines along with all kinds merchandise, most of which was made in Japan, with Pixie's on them.

This is one of my favorites and it sits in my office.

The Pixie Garden figures can often be found decorating our "back room" at the Little Antique Mall.  

There is a very sweet book available now at Bob's Beach Books titled "Pixies in the Valley" by Mike Stone.  Mr. Stone writes all about the history of Oregon's Pixie Kitchen and Pixieland.  You should pick up a copy sometime.  It is a very enjoyable and easy read.

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  1. I do remember the restaurant from the early 70s--especially the Pixie Garden. We only got to eat there one time but it was magical and we always begged our folks to stop on subsequent trips through Lincoln City. Where is the mall where the pixie cutouts are today? I know there are some at the history museum in Lincoln City and my husband and I plan to visit on our next trip to the coast. Thanks for sharing all the photos!