Monday, June 25, 2012


We have been in business on the Central Oregon Coast for almost 21 years now.   From the very beginning my two favorite publications were Country Living and Country Home magazines.  I looked forward to them every month.  They inspired me and educated me on a hobby that we loved so much that we turned it into a business.

In this issue we were so proud to be listed as a resource for one of the homes featured.

Each issue was filled with early american and country primitives and lots of color.  Country Home was never afraid of color.  In this issue Lincoln City was noted as being one of the Top 10 places in the United States to shop for antiques. "Not Just Another" Little Antique Mall, Inc. was a big reason for that honored designation.

A few years ago we began to notice a change in Country Living.  There was less color and more emphasis on white or pastels.

There is nothing wrong with showing whites and less color but it became a common theme for Country Living and that has been ongoing for years now.  In fact it has gone on so long that, to me, each issue looked just like the last.  I cancelled our subscription.  We are not the only ones to do so.  I have talked to several collectors and dealers who have done the same thing.  

One of our Antique Dealers, Pam, wrote a note along with her cancellation.  Pam mentioned she had subscribed for 30 years but just couldn't support the magazine any longer.  Last time we spoke she still hadn't received an answer to her letter.

Meanwhile Country Home began showing white walls but they still embraced color.  Early American painted furniture has always been a favorite of ours.  In fact, we have collected it for years.

In particular I always looked forward to the Holiday Issues.  I got great Holiday ideas and it just became a part of our Holiday Tradition.  I love this apple wreath.

Then the unthinkable occurred. County Home stopped publishing!   The recession has been hard on the magazine industry.  Country Home was a casualty.  It was a sad day when I learned that.  I have kept my old Country Homes and treasure each and every one of them.

I found Cottage Living.  It showed exteriors and interiors of cottages.  It really featured how to collect and show off your collections in a much smaller space or a cottage space if you will. I enjoyed that very much but then they suffered the same fate as Country Home.  They no longer publish.

Country Style by Better Homes and Gardens was also interesting and showed color.  They too disappeared.

Better Homes and Gardens would issue a "Decorating With Antiques" magazine from time to time.  It also no longer appears.  A relic from the past.

So now I subscribe to Country Sampler.  They offer layouts that reflect good country antiques and they show color.  They also feature a lot of new reproduction collectibles which really aren't my cup of tea.

I have also began reading Romantic Country.  They also embrace color and it gives me some great ideas from time to time.

But nothing has really taken the place of Country Home or the older version of Country Living.  I realize there is so much out there on the internet now that magazines have a difficult time competing.  But I guess I am old fashioned.  I still like a magazine.  I like holding it, turning the pages and reading.

I have an iPad, which I dearly love, and I have taken several magazine subscriptions that are delivered on my iPad.  It isn't the same and I don't like reading my magazine on a screen.  I want it in my hand so I can study it closely and share with others easily the things that I find interesting.

Those are my thoughts today on magazines!

Happy Collecting Everyone!

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