Monday, June 13, 2011


Not long ago we wrote about Rick finding his Great Grandmother's checkers tucked away inside a small cloth bag.   This morning Rick was walking through our antique mall when he spotted a box that piqued his interest.  

The red and white box certainly had some age.  On the side of the box is the logo of the manufacturer which was Halsam.  Halsam was established in 1917.  Sam, Sr. invented the high-speed rotary printing press still used by most newspapers today.  The company also was well known for making wood block toys.  But we are getting off topic here a bit.  Rick was anxious to open the box and see what was inside.

Yes, there they were!  A box of checkers just like his Great Grandmother's that he had played with all those years ago.  SCORE!  This might make a nice gift for Rick's sister someday.  Don't tell her!

You never know what you might find when you are walking through
 the Little Antique Mall.  
But right now it's time for a game of checkers!

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