Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rhody Trekking

May and early June is a beautiful time on the Central Oregon Coast.  It is the season of Rhododendrons and the blooms are now peaking.  It is time to go Rhody Trekking!  So we grabbed our favorite coffee cup and out the door we go.

Yes, that is Rick's Star Trek coffee cup.  We'll do a blog on Star Trek collectibles sometime but today is about Rhododendrons!

Rhododendrons grow practically wild here.  In fact there is a wild variety that is a bright pink.  Rhododendrons are an evergreen and have wide leathery green leaves.

Rhododendrons can grow quite large and when blooming offer a spectacular display of color.

They are a hardy plant and once planted only a little maintenance is required.  This one is Dan's favorite variety and it is called Lems Monarch.

I had to take a picture of this bloom.   It was so beautiful and lilac in color.  It almost looks like an orchid.

I love Rhody Trekking.  Cutler City, which is the southern most neighborhood of Lincoln City, was once known around the state for its lush Rhododendrons.

Since we're going to be blogging now I really need to take some lessons in photography.  This next picture, taken with an iPhone, doesn't do this Rhododendron justice.  It is massive, old and a stately Rhododendron just a few blocks away from our home.  It really should be protected asset of the community.

Rhododendrons are every where here.  We hope you will take a moment and go out Rhody Trekking!  You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Those are beautiful! Hope you guys are having a good week.