Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July is always a busy month

Which means I haven't been able to blog much at all.  Our blog has been very much on my mind but there just have not been enough hours in the day!  Here is a brief update on what has been going on at the Little Antique Mall.

Darlene brought us a beautiful bouquet from her summer garden a few days ago.  Darlene has a gorgeous garden and this photo doesn't do her flowers justice!  We learned that Bee assembled the arrangement.  Bee is so talented, too.  I just love foxglove and was so happy she included some in this wonderful arrangement.  I wish my thumb was as green as Darlene's!

While Darlene was visiting Dan and our friend Jeff were busy in the front parking lot.  We have always prided ourselves in trying to make our building as handicap accessible as possible.  Our Holmes Road entrance has a curb cut and a nice ramp from that back entrance into our main mall.  This makes it convenient for some of our friends who know about that entrance.  We modified our public restroom to be easily usable for all of our guests when we leased our building almost 13 years ago.  But our front parking lot on Highway 101 has always been a challenge.  Dan and Jeff just made a nice concrete ramp (with agates in it) from the parking lot to the sidewalk that runs in front of our building and to our main entrance.  This will make it so much easier for our customers to find and to use.  This is a picture of Dan and Aaron testing out the new ramp to make sure it is going to be functional.

The Lincoln City Visitors Convention Bureau is doing
 a special "float drop" on several weekends throughout the summer.  The float fairies will be leaving vintage Japanese glass fishing floats on our Lincoln City beaches for visitors to discover and take home.  The publication 
Oregon Coast Today featured an article on the float drop last week and included this picture of Rick holding a Japanese glass float.  I want to add that Oregon Coast Today is our favorite beach publication.  We have 7 miles of beautiful beach here so there is much to explore.

Meanwhile the Mall cat Stripes was watching the back door.  Stripes has quickly become a fixture at the Little Antique Mall.  He still won't let us pet him but I know with just a little more tuna, time and love it WILL happen.

I hope you are all having a great Summer!

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  1. Beautiful flowers and a beautiful kitty too! Sending my love to all at The Little Antique Mall.