Sunday, July 3, 2011


I was walking around our Mall yesterday afternoon and was struck by the many red, white and blue items that were available.  I was drawn to so many of them. 

Some are as simple as beverage glasses.  I would most certainly use these to entertain on the 4th of July and most probably on election night as well.

I collect children's toys.  This red and blue truck with white tires would make a fine addition to my collection.

We have a lot of art by J. Hill from the Portland area.  This red, white and blue owl caught my eye yesterday.  I just had to share it on the blog.  I love 
J. Hill's art and this little patriotic owl.

And since we are at the beach "nautical" inspired objects always are popular.  What better centerpiece for your 4th of July party table then this red, white and blue boat?

It didn't occur to me until yesterday how much I love this Holiday.  The people, the beach, the food, the fireworks (sorry dogs, cats, birds, deer, etc.) and the red, white and blue.  This last photo taken of a little painting conveys a sweet message!  

Thank you for checking out my 4th of July "PS!"


  1. Happy 4th of July to you and Kirk! We hope you have a great day and that it isn't too hot there!

  2. We visited your store on Saturday and you were really busy. Congrats! I bought a little JHill painting. Can you tell me anything more about this artist? I loved their work!

  3. Hi Zoe, thank you for checking out our blog. J. Hill is an artist from the Portland area...Hillsboro in particular. He has only been painting for the last few years and we love his stuff as well. I hope that helps. We look forward to seeing you again!

  4. Do you have any J Hill pieces currently?

    -Teresa from Memphis, TN