Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blog Block!

I have had a block trying to come up with a blog lately.
Sometimes it just requires me to start something.  


So I am having coffee early this morning in my office upstairs.
I look across the room and there it is.

A very small baby sock monkey hanging on the corner of a window.
You all know about my sock monkey fixation.

Where did this baby sock monkey come from?

What is going on?

Dan is battling a mean one at our Mall.

We have a family of sock monkeys here at the house.

Now a baby one.

Sock monkeys are taking over!

Oh dear!


  1. Hey Rick....did you know that I have a pair of sock monkey slippers that I bought at a thrift shop in Seattle? I wear them to work sometimes.......wanna borrow them? Hee Hee!

  2. Thank you for the offer of borrowing your sock monkey slippers. You go ahead and wear them but I need a picture. They sound really cute!!! It is so nice to hear from you.