Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another "Summer" Day

I have got to tell you the weather has been amazing the last two days.
It is just like summer here at the Central Oregon Coast.
Even I joined the dogs soaking it all in.

That picture was from yesterday but today was a duplicate.
Warm, sunny and relaxing in the sun rays.

I have had a hard time getting my head into blog mode.
I think sometimes it is just like the gym.
The hardest part is going in!

This picture by J. Hill I am very fond of.
In my opinion he has kept it eclectic with a cross and a nod to blood on the cross.
His paintings go fast and range generally from $45-$85 dollars.
The average is $65.
Great deals and you can switch it out in a room for not much money.
So many of us love J. Hill's work.

Japanese fishing floats from the past will be featured
 in Lincoln City during Antique Week.
The Lincoln City VCB will be placing 300 Japanese Glass Floats
at random day times and beach places during that 10 day period.
Of course heavy storms would prevent the volunteers
on going out on the beach to "plant" glass floats.
I am sure you understand.

Antique Week is February 8-18th this year
More details at:


Dealer 19, Ken and Cindy, have a great collection of fishing floats
 from around the world.
Virtually all fishing civilizations used the glass floats at one time or another.

These are great floats--the double float is rare.
There are those pesky price tags, too.
I need more time in the Mall alone so I can rearrange for shooting pictures.

Paul, and his wife Mika, Dealers 13 just took a spot in the back room, also.
Paul has done an incredible job constructing the walls and ceiling in his space.
I will photograph it soon and show you.
All I have now is a picture of a crow sign they put in.
I love it.
Crazy and cool.

I would do something with it.
Repurpose it and place it in the house.

Thank you for checking in.
I am okay.
Getting my "head" ready for the Tuesday OHSU visit!

I am ready to roll and get back to business
 and to seeing all of you.

I truly miss you.

I hope you had a great day.

I did.


  1. Envious of your warm weather - it snowed here in north Alabama this morning! SO glad I found your blog. Hope you're enjoying a relaxing weekend, Jan

    1. Jan, nice to meet you! Thank you for your kind comments. We look forward to getting to know you. Yes it is warmer here right now but, trust me, it can all change with a blink of an eye here. So we enjoy the warmness now and goodness knows what we'll have tomorrow. LOL