Sunday, February 10, 2013

Paul and Mika Create!

Paul and Mika are Dealers 13 in our Mall.
They have been with us for a number of years now.
I can't remember exact time but they are part of the Mall family for sure.

Paul and Mika decided to take more space..
They took a corner booth in what we call our "back" room.
What a wonderful surprise they did with their additional space.
I mean look at this.

Paul and Mika repurpose old objects.
Reinventing their purpose.
So clever and such enjoyment.

Look at their sign.



Paul and Mika take an old window.
It now has new life.
You may see it in a home kitchen or a restaurant maybe.
It is just plain cool.
That's all I need to say. 

The new "EAT" sign awesome.
All looked over by a parrot.

Dan is busy enjoying all the discoveries in this new booth.
Objects are now linked together for a improbable but genius use.
You could hang it anywhere.

Lighting fixtures are available.
Some made out of odd objects now have a new life as a lighting source.

Again objects linked together and hung.
Could be one or a curtain of them anywhere in the home or office.

And Dan is still exploring and excited with what he is seeing.

Me, too!

Even objects are grouped together, unlike, but perfect for the atmosphere, the mood, the eclectic sanity.

I think we have a hit here and you are going to want to come in soon 
and see it for yourself.
It is bedazzling to me and exciting.

And yes Paul and Mika are geniuses.
We are fortunate to have them in our lives and in our business.

Thank you!

And you should know I am working as much as I can in the Mall.
Often in the morning I am doing the cleaning.
Helping Dan with the books.

There were three options to fix my health issue.
After the tests on Tuesday the Wizard at OHSU has proclaimed 
we are down to 2 options now.

We are optimistic.
Besides it finally gives me time at home to work on a blog.
Time to maintain our ever so important Facebook presence.

I look to the future with eagerness.

I hope you do.

I do.

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