Friday, February 8, 2013

Things To Do While Out Antiquing!

It is important to do some other things while out shopping
 for Antiques and Collectibles.
At least it is for us and generally it involves food. 
Not always but food is at the top of the list for us.

I will be listing our favorite places as if entering Lincoln City
 from the North on Highway 101.

Our first stop would be Wildflower Grill.

4250 NE Hwy. 101

Vicky and Chuck own the restaurant.  They do a great job with food. 
 They also have a charming glassed in dining area 
where you overlook a wonderful small pond.  
You will see all kinds of wild animals and birds.  
A must experience to be sure.

Virtually next door to our business the Little Antique Mall is

Rockfish Bakery Cafe.

3026 NE Hwy. 101

The Rockfish Bakery Cafe is just south of our business.
Danelle Lochrie & Ethan Granberg are the owners.

Their bakery and cafe are awesome.  
From the fresh breads to the daily lunch specials you will love it.

They also do a special dinner one night a month.  
Prior reservations only and limited space so book quick 
or you will miss a dinner that is extraordinary!

Heading south on Highway 101 we find another favorite restaurant.
I told you for us it would involve food most times.  LOL

Blackfish Cafe

2733 NW Hwy. 101

Rob and Mary Pounding own the Blackfish Cafe.
There menu is excellent and the quality astounding.
Rob and Mary are very special to us as is their cuisine.

Not far south you will discover

Barnacle Bills Seafood Market

2174 NE Hwy. 101

I must admit I have forgotten their names 
and will remember them the moment I post this.

I apologize.

I can tell you this Seafood Market is excellent whether you want fresh
 Dungeness Crab, Salmon, Halibut, Shrimp and many other tasty things. 

A must stop!

Yes we do eat at home.  More so then people think.

 Kenny's IGA Foodliner

2429 NW Hwy. 101


4845 NW Hwy. 101

The produce is always so fresh and beautiful.

Kenny still is around making sure the store is running correctly.
Andy Morgan, his son, runs the store day to day and does a great job.
Thank you Andy.

Sometimes it is pleasant to find another activity besides eat.

Bijou Theatre

1624 NE Hwy. 101

The Bijou Theatre is owned by
Keith and Betsy Altomare.

They do a fantastic job entertaining us with films and their knowledge of the films.
Keith and Betsy have also been celebrating the 
75th anniversary of the Bijou Theatre.
Stop in, grab some popcorn and enjoy an entertaining film.

Back to eating now.

Jasmine Thai Restaurant

1437 NW Hwy. 101

Great spicy food. 
We like it there a lot and getting food to go is easy here!

 I need to clean up my hair and face on a regular basis.

Sizzor Hands

1221 NW Hwy. 101

Lori is the gorgeous lady who handles the appointment books.

Making us look grand are:

Cary, Rachelle, Erin or Jeremy.

The four of them are all good looking and captivating!
I love them all.

These hair stylists are first rate.
And on me they work miracles.

Now that I am looking good again I am back on Highway 101 
but I still feel a little tense.

So it is time to head to

Back In Touch Therapeutic Massage

1140 NE Hwy. 101

Owned by Rob and Lori Hollingsworth 

They do a great job.  Rob is very talented chiropractor and Lori as a very professional Therapeutic Massager.  She has several associates who help keeping the business fully staffed at all times.
Need to relax call Rob and Lori.  It will be taken care of for you.

You got it... I am hungry again.

Kyllo's Seafood and Grill Restaurant

1110 NW 1st Ct.

Owned by a brother and sister
Craig and Pam Kyllo.

They run a sensational dining room and small bar area.
Literally Kyllo's is on the ocean front.
Magnificent views of waves, people, seals, seagulls and whales.

A little piece of history.  
Craig and Pam let me wait tables 3 or 4 nights a week.
That way I could work our new small shop in the days and earn money at night
to help pay the bills.  It was an instrumental part of our story and I have always been grateful the Kyllo's let me work to give me the income, along with Dan's, to build our dream.
An Antique Shop which grew into the Little Antique Mall today.

I like puttering in the yard and I like planting new flowers or vegetables.

Bear Valley Nursery & Landscaping

2114 SE Hwy. 101

Scott and his wife do one heck of job.
I love their nursery and I always look forward for a visit to their business.

The first year round Christmas store in Oregon was in Lincoln City.

Established in 1974  it is the

Christmas Cottage

3305 SW Hwy. 101

Owned by Barb Jenkins the Christmas Cottage is an institution indeed.
You can shop 363 days a year.
It is a very special place to visit and 
find Christmas decorations that also make special gifts.
Check it out.

As we travel south we get to see one of my favorite views along our part 
of the Central Oregon Coast.  It is in the Taft area and is
easily seen from your car.  
An easy place to park and enjoy the view.

I never become bored with this view.
It is dynamic and changing sometimes moment by moment as the Siletz Bay
filled by the Siletz River empties into the Pacific Ocean.

And the Pacific Ocean always gets us in the mood for this.

Whether looking for fishing floats, fun junk, sticks for the dogs to catch or 
just walking quietly we love the beach.

We hope you enjoyed our little blog about some of our favorite places.

I did!

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  1. Oh, my...what a treat...I really, really enjoyed this..and I found out about some places in Lincoln City that I cannot wait to visit.

    We too enjoy Blackfish and Kyllos...but I'm excited to learn of other great places to try...

    We enjoyed our visit to the shop looks sure to tell all the dealers what a great job they are doing.
    Tom & Carolyn