Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Have I Turned Into A Crafter?

I realized tomorrow was Valentines so I needed to gather 
my home made cards for people.
I had them sorted and out for Daniel to take to work for me.
I had worked hard on these little cards.
The first time I have done that in years.

I took a picture for the "record."
And then found myself wanting to take a picture of cards we had made recently.
What is going on?

I haven't crafted anything since the 70's and it was macrame!
I think I'd better keep an eye on this new craft thing I seem to be picking up.  LOL

On another note I purchased a new dresser.
It is an old swimming pool locker for visitors.
It is just perfect and I had started to work it into the room when I took this picture.
It is so cool.  
I love it.

When I'm all done it will look perfect.
And the function to hold socks and things couldn't be better for me.
Old and funky too.
It's a winner.

Tomorrow, early, we have to meet with the Wizard of OHSU!
We are getting all the data on radiation treatment as a possibility.
It is the last bit of data we need to make the next decision.

I am ready to move on so let's get the rest of the info.

Let's make that decision!

I hope you all had a good day.

I did.

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