Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Robert's Bookshop

Robert Portwood has owned Robert's Bookshop for over 25 years now.
Yes the Bookshop is an institution and deserved its own poster!

Robert's Bookshop is located at:
3412 S.E. Highway 101
Lincoln City, Oregon 97367

Just coming close to his building you realize it is a special place.

We have left the car in the parking lot and rounded
 the corner to find the front door.
Yes I will repeat we knew we had found a special place.

Mermaids are magical at the beach.
This one is beautifully painted near the very front door.
You must pause and check it out as Dan did.

The building is huge and every nook and corner is filled with books.
I swear if it has been published there must be a copy at Robert's Bookshop

There are thousands of books.
Many hard backs but soft backs, too.

Robert has just acquired a huge collection of paper back books.
These books are very rare and are mostly science fiction, gore and pulp fiction.

The collection is still being unpacked and put on book shelves in order.

This room will be a private room once ready for the public to enter.
Again I stress they are still arranging, cataloging
 and placing the books of this collection.

This room will have the best protection of the entire Bookshop.
I kid you not.  Just check this out.

Dan is trying to exit the special room and 
found he was locked behind the old jail door.
It will be used and is being used.  No one just enters or leaves at whim.
They will have a staff member with them in this part of the Bookshop at all time.
I can't wait to spend some time there in the very near future.

Linda is a long time employee of Robert Packwood's at his Bookshop.
Linda has also been a dear friend of ours for many years as well.
We were so happy she took the time to show us around.
It has been way too long since we visited the Bookshop.

Robert's Bookshop also has an amazing collection of 
Pulp Art used for books in the past.

I know the pictures of this art would be better with a real camera.
But my cell phone is the best I can do.

Check out the art for sure.

Robert even has some vintage entertainment posters.
There is even antique toys here and there.
The Bookshop is a must stop.

I know I can spend more then just a few hours to do Robert Bookshop's justice.
It is incredible.  It is fascinating.  It is awesome.
It is a most astonishing shop.

You will never tire of the experience and you'll always see something new.
Plan on spending some time and not to be disappointed.

We hope you will enjoy it.

We did!

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