Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Beautiful Day On The Beach

It is a beautiful day here on the Oregon Beach.  Incredible.
It has made it hard to focus on work today.

I also want to mention that I just found out that Jane Kleinmann
 passed away today.
Among other things Jane and I served as elected Board members of the 
Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce.
Jane, Dan and I were friends and small business owners.
Jane is at peace now and I shall love her forever.

We began working on the concept for the Little Antique Mall postcard mailer for Antique Week which begins in February.  It will go through some changes but this is how we started.

Yes Sammye and Rita may make it to the postcard.
Who knows for sure yet?

I even like it going black and white.  Derek did that idea and it is interesting.
He even came up with this other look.  

Since you are on the blog you get to see what we are thinking.

We also begun discussing how we are going to feature the incredible collection of fishing glass floats from around the world. 

Ken and Cindy have a collection that is unreal.  

Dan and I are discussing how best we feature them in the near future and share the variety of floats.  Here is just a simple shot of a double glass blown float.  

It is getting our ideas going!!

So it has been a day of work and thinking about future projects.  
And goofing off for me too!

It also was a time for me to think about easier things.

I know they're inexpensive but I love these shoes.

My world isn't all serious.

Have a great time!!

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