Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's A Better Day!!!

Today was a warm January day!
Not a cloud in the sky.
Most of our visitors head to the beach as well they should
It is beautiful but we get to see it everyday.
So today Dan and I headed to the old forest inland just a bit.
The forests are stunning also.

We headed to the old Federal campground on the original Highway 101.
The campground has been closed, except to groups for camping, but even that appears closed now.

Today was a day use.  
It was just us and the dogs anyway.
That is typical for this site.
It had been stormy not long ago.

Serious damage in places but we still love it.
We are there to enjoy the moss in our forest on this winter day.

Moss grows every where and on interesting objects.
Old trees become covered in the moss.
I love it.

The one I just showed you has a great entrance on its base.
It has to be a good home for some wild animal.
Don't stick your face in and get too friendly! 

Dan, Rita and Sami are enjoying the old park today.
The moss "world" has them highly entertained.

The moss grows on huge old trees.
These trees live in little sun most of their lives.
It brings me to us all being quiet and just looking at the moss

The moss even covers the old rocks
Our forests have many layers to enjoy and relish in.

I wish I was a true photographer but I use my iPhone.
The true coastal forests are amazing.

Again I would mention it is a wonderful place just to be quiet.
Take in the beauty and the time it has taken for it to grow and flourish.

I also love the small stream that passes through the forest.
The stream is home to salmon during their spawn season.
The water is so clear and I enjoy its sound as it passes by.

Today was perfect for me.
Quiet, beautiful and reminding me of my place in the world.

The Central Oregon Coast area provides many different worlds to see.

I love the Oregon Coastal Forest.

I hope you had a good time.

I sure did.

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