Saturday, January 26, 2013

Promise To Be Short

And yes it will be personal.

Went to OHSU to meet the doctor and some of his team.
Nice and smart group of individuals.
I am in good hands.

In brief...appointment calls on Monday and we go in within 10 days.
They will be back into my brain for more recent information.
It is deep and they travel via catheter inserted in an artery (maybe that is a vein)
 and away the go to take a look.
Within 20 days of that appointment they will be back in for the
tough reassemble and permanent artery's area dams.

Hopefully then it is just recovery.
Hopefully no additional problems and opening the skull to do the work.
If they have to open the skull that changes everything for me.

For now stress free environment!

I will be successful.
The medical professionals will be successful.
My family and friends will be successful.

Interesting times.

With all the prayers and good energy only the easy way will work!!

Thank you all for your support.

It means to us more then words can express.

Have a great evening everyone.

I will.

Hey we need a goofy picture for a good laugh!
At least I do!!!!!!


  1. Still praying. Everything will be ok. We know it will be.


  2. Danielle, so wonderful to hear from you and thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I know things will go just as they are supposed to go. Doesn't mean I have moments of fear but all will be well. Thank you for your love. I miss you so much and wish you still lived here.