Sunday, January 6, 2013

Life Continues With Challenge

Life has been quite interesting.  

I have become more Buddha like and quite sincerely.   

It sounded like I was a joke this morning on facebook.  Honestly I don't remember much from the recent past.  Not even 5 minutes ago.  Frankly, I didn't know whether the dogs got their cookies and I got my vitamins this morning or visa versa.  I had to laugh at myself....the two dogs not so much....and laughter is better for me then tears.

I don't do too bad daily but Dan's help and love makes the real difference
 and it keeps me and the business alive.  

It is just my brains that are a bit scrambled right now.

BUT I still find ways to work on our business and think about the future of our business.

I think of all the friends and customers of our Mall.  
We are so lucky and so very grateful from so many lovely people in our lives.

Even as I work, in my head, our employees do beautiful things like above.  
Not just employees but our wonderful Dealers.

The story and details will continue to evolve and written about.  
The writing will get better for me as well.

Truly enjoy the moment!

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