Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Is Almost Over

This blog will jump about a bit.
Typical for me it seems anyway!

Our Dealers are busy getting ready for the Lincoln City Antique Week 2013.
Year number 24, I believe, is for this tradition.

Linda and Michael have been Dealers at the Little Antique Mall for many years
They specialize in native aboriginal arts and artifacts.

This picture, from one of their cases, shows a wonderful assortment.
A Skookum Doll, a Finland canoe (or maybe Greenland I should have taken a note on that), NW carved Totem Pole, basketry and other tribal items for sale.

This next picture of Linda and Michaels merchandise could
 sure have used a better photographer.
But that is the best Rick can do.

The hand made Pinocchio and fired clay native pots, from South West America, are amazing!

Linda and Michael also host a wonderful collection of Oceanic merchandise.
The Southern Pacific is a region they love to visit and collect.
This photo also shows NW Tribal arts and much more.

I am sorry for all the price tags showing.  I prefer to arrange items to be photographed with the price tags unseen.  Today the time had ran out so I had to shoot what I could.  The tags distract from the beautiful items in the pictures. 

 I am sorry for them.

The next photo Linda and Michael have on display is a gorgeous 
Siletz Indian Basket.
It is a spectacular Siletz Basket and surely one of the 
collectors will add it to their collection soon.
I love artifacts that were produced here by the members of the 
Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Nation. Obviously the older pieces were done at a difficult and unfair time to our Tribal friends.

Obviously there are many beautiful pieces in that photo.  
I am just attracted to Siletz Indian items.

We drove to Newport this morning, early, to pick up 
supplies for the Espresso Cart.
It was grey and we were in the cloud bank itself most of the time.
Dan was driving and I tried to take some pictures.
Not so successful today.  LOL

Here is an "okay" picture of the Siletz Bay.  
As you know the Siletz River flows into the bay.
I love this area it is so beautiful.

Fogarty Creek Beach and State Park is just a bit further south.
It is also a beautiful area.  We used to be able to find floats there.  I don't know if floats show up there or not anymore.

Even foggy and damp it inspires me.

Yesterday Dan took some photos.  We were having some silly fun.

Dan made that horse for his sister's Paint Horse Farm many years ago.
They sold off all the Paints and the barn property, too.
I am glad he kept the horse cut out. 

My mind is thinking about this coming Tuesday.
They will be going in on a basic recon of the brain area that caused 
the problems by leaking blood into my brain.
The team will go into my head to map out the current situation 
before they go in a short time later for major repairs.
The physicians are brilliant and kind
I am ready to get it over with.  
Tuesday will be my 3rd trip by experts into my brain.

I am frightened at times.
Dan is terrified.
Please help Dan while I am away. 
 I could relax knowing others were near by.

Serious I know.

Life is an adventure and I enjoy it.

Even today I hope you had a good day.

I know I have!

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