Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's What Is Around At Home

I have just past the 30th day (or a little more) since my stroke.
The damage and surgery, with another surgery to come, is in the brain just behind the left eye.
I bring this up only because I try to contribute to my partner, my business
and to those around me.  

I don't want to take from anyone.

Today it was a very rainy, cold morning.

It seemed more to me then just a bit of grey.  
So my job for the day was to seek and encourage
color from anything around me.  Seriously, even the power went out.
So the positive of that was it became a quiet time for meditation!

As always my mind drifts to things in the home and why they are here.

This yellow ware bowl was given to my Great Grandfather
 and my Great Grandmother.
As written previously, this couple gave me the love of game boards.
They also gave me a love of old bowls.
This is the only survivor of any of their yellow ware.  I love it.

My Great Grandfather's last name was Rick.
I go by Rick today to honor him and his last name.

Great Grandfather Rick owned a shoe repair shop in Carlston, Oregon.
Here is a picture of his last can of this good grease.
The jar was produced by a man in Newsberg, Oregon 
but his name got to be on it.

I love it all actually. 

We also love "Rebecka at the Well" teapots.
Had to sneak a photo of them as well.

Have a great day.

Thanks for checking in.


  1. Rick, I love your sharing of your grandparent's wonderful things, and memories of them. I am so happy to see your face and beautiful spirit. Keep the positive outlook and the brain and body will follow <3

  2. Rita, thank you so much for your comments and the generosity of your love. It means so much to me. Thank you