Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What We Call Our Back Room

I thought I'd talk a bit about what we call our back room.
It really was built onto to the main building when the
 Cline's had the hardware store.
The addition is 5,000 square feet and is the "newest" part of our building.
Because there is a ramp down to it's floor level we always call it the back room.
In fact it held the lumber and all kinds of big things.

You never know what you will find in the back room.
It is an overflow area available only to our front mall dealers.
I love it.
The other morning I took a look around with no overhead lights on.
We need to do that for you sometime.

Oh look...I found you know who watching me!

 I find him and his family members in the oddest places sometimes.

The back mall area has a variety of merchandise.

Just whimsical which always interests me.
Old painted boards given new purposes catch my eye!

Lighting is difficult to take pictures in and you know that from my past blogs.

Al and Carol always have fun stuff in their back booth.
From old signs to very old ship wheels.

Booths just with their own lighting on (none of our overheads on) things seem warmer to me.
Especially in person as opposed to my phone camera shots.

Pendleton provides a wonderful wool product.
Some of us collect the old wool Pendleton and some collect new products.
And them some of us collect both.  LOL
This old Pendleton sign is quite nice.

Purple chairs are interesting.
A more seventies look and are sitting right next to much older things.
I'll bet the chairs won't be around long.

And then right around the corner John and Kris found this pair of chairs.
Made from oak and I have no idea who made them!
I would guess English but that is just a guess.
They will look spectacular in the right spot.

Just a quick look around the "back room."
Come to see for yourself soon.

It was nice to keep things lighter today.

I hope you had a good time.

I did!

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