Sunday, April 1, 2012

J. Hill Art

J. Hill has been an Antique Dealer with us for many years, in fact, almost since we opened our Mall.  We met J. Hill even before that as he was a customer of our small shop called the Little Antique Store located here in Lincoln City, Oregon.  We also did the Magic of Christmas Shows with him in Portland which was a wonderful Holiday show that we still miss.  

J. Hill is a great man.  Notice I didn't say nice but GREAT!  It is true in every sense of the word although he would never agree with me and would be very embarrassed that I had said so.
Well, J. Hill was in today to work his booth and bring in more of his original art.  I told him that so many of his customers and collectors wanted to meet him.  He was very shy about it and didn't want to talk about it.  But he finally agreed to let me take his picture.

J. Hill is a very modest man and is borderline shy as I just mentioned.  You may have noticed that I called him a great man.  It is true.  We have reasons to know this and we would never discuss them publicly but please know J. Hill is a man who lives quietly with the highest moral and ethical standards and has great integrity.  And we LOVE his art!  This is what J. Hill looks like folks surrounded by his art and objects he loves.

J. Hill has a whimsical way of painting and we know so many of you collect it and love it too.  Here are some photos and a small sampling of what he brought in today.

This piece I thought was fun and I almost had to buy it for myself.

J. Hill has best been known for his fish, bird and owl paintings but his newer dog pieces are lots of fun, too.  

So for all of you J. Hill fans out there (and we know there are many of you) you now know what J. Hill looks like.  J. Hill has finally said he will call us before he brings down his next load of art.  J. Hill says that he doesn't want to do any sort of reception, as I wanted to do, but he will gladly bring down extra art and will show his art in the back parking lot, visit with you and make you some great deals on his original pieces.  It will be the best way to meet him folks so stay tuned to the blog and to our facebook page and we will give you as much advance notice as possible about the timing of J. Hills next visit.

Also, don't forget to stop by our "Little Coffee Cart" and pick up some tasty Bridgetown Coffee and fresh baked brownies to enjoy while visiting our Mall and with artist J. Hill.