Sunday, March 31, 2013


Just a simple blog today.

Happy Easter!

Have a great day no matter how you celebrate the Holiday.

We are going to be open this year because it is Easter last day of Oregon Spring Break and first real day of Washington's Spring Break.  

I am going to be there.

Yes, I am going to wear a hat.

Have a great day.

I will!

Monday, March 25, 2013

We Haven't Been Sitting Still

We have been busy lately.
We have been trying to get a new site up and running.
The site would assist visitors or shoppers purchasing things online safely.
Those would be items in the Mall or just placed up on the site itself.
You would need to check from time to time.
We are getting close so thought we'd share the initial look.

We are getting there and we owe Alan Owen a huge THANK YOU
for all the help getting the site beginning.

That is what we are working on.
We hope to see you there and we call it
Little Antique Mall Market!

Meanwhile, Linda has been busy finding Siltez Indian Baskets.
Here are just a couple of beauties she has brought in lately.

No one has been slacking as you can see.  LOL
I know you have been busy, too.
We'll get caught up here on the blog soon.

Until then enjoy life

I do!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Card and Thoughts

I had received a card made by Paul and Mika who are 
Dealers of the Little Antique Mall.
It is so creative and special I needed to share it with you.
It is made to unfold and I can't show that but each page I can share with you.

Each page of the fold is imaginative and with wonderful words.
Each photograph taken by Paul and Mika are captivating.

There is joy in every photo.
It is whimsical, at times, which always brings me high spirits.

The last fold contains more gracious words from Paul and Mika.
Also a pleasant picture of a piece of Paul's art.
We are so glad they are in our lives and in our Mall.

It was one of the best created cards I had ever received.
Although I must admit I love all the cards & flowers I have been sent.

As you know I had a AVM Stroke December 7th, 2012.
I am at risk of another occurring if I don't follow directions closely.

April 3rd Stereotactic Radiosurgery will be performed on me.
It is a highly precise form of radiation therapy and they deliver
precisely targeted radiation.
It will be our hope that within several years my AVM risk will then be gone.

Until then I do what I am told.
Enjoy every moment of life.
Enjoy every one of you.

I look forward to success.
I look forward to getting out and seeing how creative you all are.
I know you can't mail it all to me.  LOL

Thank you Paul and Mika.
Thank you to all of my friends and family here.
You all mean so much to me.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Quick Walk Around The Mall

I took a quick walk around the Mall the other day.
I couldn't help but notice the gym locker that was for sale.
They are hot right now and the price is good on this one.

If you didn't like the color it would be easy to paint.
I think they are so cool.
I use a swimming pool locker for my dresser and I LOVE it.

I found that one in our Mall, liked the color, so moved it right in.
Then you just decorate around it.

The little salesman sampler caught my eye.
It can't be over 12 inches tall.
It is to show a window with shutters.
Very unusual to see or to find one.

We have always enjoyed primitives.
In fact we've collected primitives for years now.
This screened cupboard is adorable.
Someone needs to get it before I can't resist the temptation.

The same Dealer brought in an incredible piece of majolica.
It is a cake saver/server and is in perfect shape.
I have never seen another majolica one in all the time 
we have been in business.
This photograph does not do it justice but it was the best I could do.
Enjoy this beauty.

It just doesn't show how large it is which is too bad.
Check it out when you come visit us at our Mall.

Easter is fast approaching so this sign brought in is fitting.
It is precious and won't last long during the Easter Season.

If I could only find a big enough spot on the wall.  

I hope you enjoyed the quick trip around the Mall with me.

I did!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Love of Aquariums!

I had talked about aquariums and love of salt aquariums.
Our dear friends Vic and Trudy came to the beach and made a visit.
Vic and Trudy had salt water aquariums and are quite knowledgeable.
They brought me a huge selection of equipment
 and books on salt water aquariums.

As a gift.
I kid you not.
I was so excited and so grateful.

I have enough equipment now to open a Sea World right here in my home!
Here is a picture of just some of the books
 and I didn't take any pictures yet of the equipment.

Vic and Trudy understand how aquariums can take your mind to a peaceful place.
He had aquariums for a long time.
Now their farm takes their time and love so they had stopped with the aquariums.

I became the beneficiary of their wonderful collection of aquarium supplies.
I realize, like any collection, I am they caretaker of it for now.
What joy that brings me.

Dan and I had a nice lunch with Vic and Trudy.
We enjoyed the time and it went so fast.
 I learned so much and I look forward to the next opportunity.

So how do I thank Vic and Trudy?

I will think of something.

But right now I say to them:


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Fish's Life

I have been busy setting up a small aquarium.
It is fresh water and just some relaxation nearby.
Also, to prepare setting up a salt water environment.
It has been awhile so easing back into the hobby.

We've lost a couple of fish.
I suspect a rough crowd in this small tank.
It has taken a lot of time away from blogging.

So I'm out to strike some balance.
There is also some stuff at the Mall I want to 
photograph and talk about here.
Until then here is a picture of one of the trouble makers.

I had lunch with Father Bob and Dan today.

I hope you had a good day.

I have!