Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pickles & Jalapeños

I love many things.  I really, really love pickles.  I often say I am going to make some, one of these days, but that has never happened.  My Great Grandmother, Grandmother and Mother all made pickles.  Delicious pickles.  I wish I would've paid attention to how to do it.  But I never did and now it is too late to learn from them.  My Sister Michele makes pickles and they are very good.  She is too busy to teach me though.  

My friend Jon Walsh brought me some of the pickles his Mother Judy Walsh made.  I have two jars of them and I have enjoyed looking at them for several weeks.  This picture doesn't do them justice.  They truly are beautiful though.  In fact so beautiful I was hesitant to open them.

Tonight I decided to make egg salad for dinner and it was time to finally open up Judy's pickles.

Aren't they beauties?  You should taste them and smell them.  They are dills and they are pickled to perfection.  I ate two before chopping some up for my egg salad.

I didn't mention it before but Judy also pickles jalapeños in a dill style.  Again this picture does not do justice to how beautiful they appear in the jar.

You can eat these baby's right out of the jar.  They are incredible.  Following Jon's advice I took some of them out and chopped them up to add to my 
egg salad.

I was given two jars of the jalapeños.  The jar that I just opened won't last long.
I love them!

Some boiled eggs, miracle whip (I also love mayonnaise and miracle whip) some garlic and a little pepper added to Judy's dill pickles and jalapeño's and I was in heaven!!!!

AND Jon told me that Judy might teach me how to make pickles!
That is very good news.

When ever I am in the kitchen, or almost anywhere in the house, you can always count on Rita and Sami to be on guard duty lest something drop and hit the floor.  It is an important job and they do it well.  They didn't get anything tonight but I thought you might like to see them while they were on kitchen detail.

So now you know one of my passions...actually several of my passions.

Meanwhile Dan and I will be working the McCamman Estate Sale the next few days.  Jon will be there to help us.  His Dad, Mike, I think will be assisting as well.  Details of that event are available on our facebook page.

Thank you for stopping by!
I hope you will take some time and enjoy a good pickle!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

What have Rick & Dan been up to?

This is where ALL of our spare time has gone lately.  Here is an advance copy of the ad that will appear in the Oregon Coast Today this coming week.  Dave Price, publisher of Oregon Coast Today, designed this ad for us.  I think it is beautiful.  Dave always does such great work.  I hope next time you come to visit us, at the Little Antique Mall, you will be sure to pick up a free copy of
 Oregon Coast Today.  You might also "like" them on facebook.  Oregon Coast Today always posts the best pictures.

I will also mention that we have another great estate sale coming up over on Devils Lake.  It will be held within two weeks of the Adolphson Estate Sale.

So if you wonder what Rick & Dan have been up to...we are pricing, pricing, pricing.

We hope to see you at the Adolphson Estate Sale this coming Thursday morning!!!