Monday, October 8, 2012

Space Race Collectibles

We are often asked what we collect.  My response is generally "What day is it?"  We collect so many different things.  Our home has a general theme but it is eclectic to be sure.

I have always followed NASA and the Space Race since I was a little boy.  One of my earliest memories is standing out on our front porch with my Grandmother as she pointed out Sputnik 1 as it passed over our heads.  She was terrified of it and what it represented.  

She also loved NASA.  We shared many, many hours listening to the radio or watching television of live space events.  

I also have a huge interest in Science Fiction.  
They seem to go hand in hand for me.  

This is a piece of Science Fiction art from the 1950's.  I loved it so much that I had Dan transfer it into a black and white image and I had it tattooed on my arm.

This ray gun, from the 1950's or early 1960's, came up to the counter not too long ago.  It was in John and Kris's booth and I can't believe I didn't see it.  I was bummed it got away but at least I got a picture of it first. 

This toy rocket is now in our Mall.  It is a water powered rocket.  I am sure there were many dreams associated with this toy back in the day.

We have some new Dealers in our Mall.  Joseph and his wife do a great job and he has a keen sense of humor.  Their Dealer Number is 51.  Joseph promptly put together this clever SciFi display that sits on top of their center display case.  It identifies them as Area 51!   If you push the red button Mister Spock speaks to you.  It just cracks me up.

Dealer 51 brought in this spectacular hood ornament from the Ford Motor Company.  I am not sure of the year but certainly its design was influenced by that late 50's Cold War/Space Race era.  I had to have it so it now resides in my collection and currently sits proudly on our dining room table (along with some other stuff).

Toys with a space theme always catch our eye.

This early 1960's lunch pail reminded me of one that I had as child going to elementary school.  It isn't exactly like the one I had.  The quest for that lunch box is ongoing.

This plastic model of a space ship is also very 1960's.  Someone put it together with love.  I now have it my home and continue to love it.

The decal on the fin I thought was important to note.  It was a U. S. Spaceship!

Actual NASA items interest me as well.  They are much harder to find without attending special auctions but they are out there.  I found this piece of Skylab in a garage sale years ago.  Skylab was all over the headlines, in 1979, when it was predicted to reenter the earth's atmosphere.  People were worried it was going to land on top of them. Most of what survived reentry ended up in the outback of Australia.  That is where this little piece, encased in plastic resin, came from.

This button, from 1969, is in our Mall right now.  I probably should just buy it from Jenny and Randy.  It is even more timely since Neil Armstrong just passed away.  I remember exactly where I was the day Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon.

Now we get to the real meat of my space/scifi collection.  I have loved Star Trek forever.  We found this little folk art piece at a flea market some time ago.  Someone cut it out of steel and then welded it together to make the Starship Enterprise.

This book was given to me by my parents for Christmas in 1968.  I treasure this book to this very day.  They'll probably have to bury it with me when the time comes.

I have many, many Star Trek books and publications.  It could be embarrassing, almost, if you were to see it all.  This collection of the Star Trek Universe Maps could come in handy some day!  I mean you never know when I might have to locate Vulcan or something.

Jon McClure has expanded my Star Trek Collection.  He and his wife Dyan have got me hooked on Star Trek Comics now.  They are not as easy to locate as you might think.  Jon and Dyan take good care of me though and I really appreciate it.

I love my Space Race/Science Fiction collection.  There are a million different ways just in those genres a person could collect.  It is fascinating to me and historical in nature at times.  

In our home you just never know what you'll see.

Come to think of it we never know either!

Happy Collecting Everyone!