Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Is Almost Over

This blog will jump about a bit.
Typical for me it seems anyway!

Our Dealers are busy getting ready for the Lincoln City Antique Week 2013.
Year number 24, I believe, is for this tradition.

Linda and Michael have been Dealers at the Little Antique Mall for many years
They specialize in native aboriginal arts and artifacts.

This picture, from one of their cases, shows a wonderful assortment.
A Skookum Doll, a Finland canoe (or maybe Greenland I should have taken a note on that), NW carved Totem Pole, basketry and other tribal items for sale.

This next picture of Linda and Michaels merchandise could
 sure have used a better photographer.
But that is the best Rick can do.

The hand made Pinocchio and fired clay native pots, from South West America, are amazing!

Linda and Michael also host a wonderful collection of Oceanic merchandise.
The Southern Pacific is a region they love to visit and collect.
This photo also shows NW Tribal arts and much more.

I am sorry for all the price tags showing.  I prefer to arrange items to be photographed with the price tags unseen.  Today the time had ran out so I had to shoot what I could.  The tags distract from the beautiful items in the pictures. 

 I am sorry for them.

The next photo Linda and Michael have on display is a gorgeous 
Siletz Indian Basket.
It is a spectacular Siletz Basket and surely one of the 
collectors will add it to their collection soon.
I love artifacts that were produced here by the members of the 
Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Nation. Obviously the older pieces were done at a difficult and unfair time to our Tribal friends.

Obviously there are many beautiful pieces in that photo.  
I am just attracted to Siletz Indian items.

We drove to Newport this morning, early, to pick up 
supplies for the Espresso Cart.
It was grey and we were in the cloud bank itself most of the time.
Dan was driving and I tried to take some pictures.
Not so successful today.  LOL

Here is an "okay" picture of the Siletz Bay.  
As you know the Siletz River flows into the bay.
I love this area it is so beautiful.

Fogarty Creek Beach and State Park is just a bit further south.
It is also a beautiful area.  We used to be able to find floats there.  I don't know if floats show up there or not anymore.

Even foggy and damp it inspires me.

Yesterday Dan took some photos.  We were having some silly fun.

Dan made that horse for his sister's Paint Horse Farm many years ago.
They sold off all the Paints and the barn property, too.
I am glad he kept the horse cut out. 

My mind is thinking about this coming Tuesday.
They will be going in on a basic recon of the brain area that caused 
the problems by leaking blood into my brain.
The team will go into my head to map out the current situation 
before they go in a short time later for major repairs.
The physicians are brilliant and kind
I am ready to get it over with.  
Tuesday will be my 3rd trip by experts into my brain.

I am frightened at times.
Dan is terrified.
Please help Dan while I am away. 
 I could relax knowing others were near by.

Serious I know.

Life is an adventure and I enjoy it.

Even today I hope you had a good day.

I know I have!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Promise To Be Short

And yes it will be personal.

Went to OHSU to meet the doctor and some of his team.
Nice and smart group of individuals.
I am in good hands.

In brief...appointment calls on Monday and we go in within 10 days.
They will be back into my brain for more recent information.
It is deep and they travel via catheter inserted in an artery (maybe that is a vein)
 and away the go to take a look.
Within 20 days of that appointment they will be back in for the
tough reassemble and permanent artery's area dams.

Hopefully then it is just recovery.
Hopefully no additional problems and opening the skull to do the work.
If they have to open the skull that changes everything for me.

For now stress free environment!

I will be successful.
The medical professionals will be successful.
My family and friends will be successful.

Interesting times.

With all the prayers and good energy only the easy way will work!!

Thank you all for your support.

It means to us more then words can express.

Have a great evening everyone.

I will.

Hey we need a goofy picture for a good laugh!
At least I do!!!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Find The Sun

The best part of this picture is the sun being reflected on my sunglasses.
It was such a warm January day a few days ago it was almost summer like.
And to have a picture of it makes me happy.

Friday morning, tomorrow, we leave early for Portland.
We get to sit down with the experts and develop the strategy
 for my further health treatment.
I am a bit nervous but the progress we have made on 
my stroke is incredible.

All will be well and as it should be.

Enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the day.

I will.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What We Call Our Back Room

I thought I'd talk a bit about what we call our back room.
It really was built onto to the main building when the
 Cline's had the hardware store.
The addition is 5,000 square feet and is the "newest" part of our building.
Because there is a ramp down to it's floor level we always call it the back room.
In fact it held the lumber and all kinds of big things.

You never know what you will find in the back room.
It is an overflow area available only to our front mall dealers.
I love it.
The other morning I took a look around with no overhead lights on.
We need to do that for you sometime.

Oh look...I found you know who watching me!

 I find him and his family members in the oddest places sometimes.

The back mall area has a variety of merchandise.

Just whimsical which always interests me.
Old painted boards given new purposes catch my eye!

Lighting is difficult to take pictures in and you know that from my past blogs.

Al and Carol always have fun stuff in their back booth.
From old signs to very old ship wheels.

Booths just with their own lighting on (none of our overheads on) things seem warmer to me.
Especially in person as opposed to my phone camera shots.

Pendleton provides a wonderful wool product.
Some of us collect the old wool Pendleton and some collect new products.
And them some of us collect both.  LOL
This old Pendleton sign is quite nice.

Purple chairs are interesting.
A more seventies look and are sitting right next to much older things.
I'll bet the chairs won't be around long.

And then right around the corner John and Kris found this pair of chairs.
Made from oak and I have no idea who made them!
I would guess English but that is just a guess.
They will look spectacular in the right spot.

Just a quick look around the "back room."
Come to see for yourself soon.

It was nice to keep things lighter today.

I hope you had a good time.

I did!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's A Better Day!!!

Today was a warm January day!
Not a cloud in the sky.
Most of our visitors head to the beach as well they should
It is beautiful but we get to see it everyday.
So today Dan and I headed to the old forest inland just a bit.
The forests are stunning also.

We headed to the old Federal campground on the original Highway 101.
The campground has been closed, except to groups for camping, but even that appears closed now.

Today was a day use.  
It was just us and the dogs anyway.
That is typical for this site.
It had been stormy not long ago.

Serious damage in places but we still love it.
We are there to enjoy the moss in our forest on this winter day.

Moss grows every where and on interesting objects.
Old trees become covered in the moss.
I love it.

The one I just showed you has a great entrance on its base.
It has to be a good home for some wild animal.
Don't stick your face in and get too friendly! 

Dan, Rita and Sami are enjoying the old park today.
The moss "world" has them highly entertained.

The moss grows on huge old trees.
These trees live in little sun most of their lives.
It brings me to us all being quiet and just looking at the moss

The moss even covers the old rocks
Our forests have many layers to enjoy and relish in.

I wish I was a true photographer but I use my iPhone.
The true coastal forests are amazing.

Again I would mention it is a wonderful place just to be quiet.
Take in the beauty and the time it has taken for it to grow and flourish.

I also love the small stream that passes through the forest.
The stream is home to salmon during their spawn season.
The water is so clear and I enjoy its sound as it passes by.

Today was perfect for me.
Quiet, beautiful and reminding me of my place in the world.

The Central Oregon Coast area provides many different worlds to see.

I love the Oregon Coastal Forest.

I hope you had a good time.

I sure did.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

So Here Goes

I really don't know how many people who reads this blog actually.
But I thought I'd put it out there this afternoon.

Things seem negative for me today.
I don't know why? 
Even trying taking a picture today came out with power lines in it every time.
The pictures took me crazy today but here goes.

This won't be so business oriented today.
I had an AVM stroke on December 8th.

I see the team at OHSU this coming Friday for further treatment.
Sounds like they will want back in my brain 2 or 3 more times.
They have already been in there twice.

I am happy to have survived and that most of my memories are back.
I still struggle with a few things like talking at times.

I also have anger issues at times.  
Who knows why?

I am alive.
My family and friends have been incredible.

Sorry it is in this way today.
I had to get it out.

I am blessed.
You have all blessed me.
I have been showered with love.
More then I deserve to be sure.

Have a great day!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Okay Rick!!!

I have had a difficult time trying to blog the last few days.
The more I worry about it the harder it becomes to write.
So today I will just do something and hopefully that will make it easier for me.

This large plant is in our neighbor yard.
In the winter the red berries are incredible.
They are so beautiful.  I wish I could get it photographed better.

I have no idea what the plant is called.

I also was trying to photograph a painting done by Renfroe.
It is unusual and we enjoy it.
Again, the pictures did not seem adequate but you will get the idea.

I will also mention that Antique Week is coming soon.
This is the 24th year of this City wide event.
I will have more conversation about that soon but here is the City information.

I hope you are all well.
I hope that I am better at my blog tomorrow!

Have a fun time.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Beautiful Day On The Beach

It is a beautiful day here on the Oregon Beach.  Incredible.
It has made it hard to focus on work today.

I also want to mention that I just found out that Jane Kleinmann
 passed away today.
Among other things Jane and I served as elected Board members of the 
Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce.
Jane, Dan and I were friends and small business owners.
Jane is at peace now and I shall love her forever.

We began working on the concept for the Little Antique Mall postcard mailer for Antique Week which begins in February.  It will go through some changes but this is how we started.

Yes Sammye and Rita may make it to the postcard.
Who knows for sure yet?

I even like it going black and white.  Derek did that idea and it is interesting.
He even came up with this other look.  

Since you are on the blog you get to see what we are thinking.

We also begun discussing how we are going to feature the incredible collection of fishing glass floats from around the world. 

Ken and Cindy have a collection that is unreal.  

Dan and I are discussing how best we feature them in the near future and share the variety of floats.  Here is just a simple shot of a double glass blown float.  

It is getting our ideas going!!

So it has been a day of work and thinking about future projects.  
And goofing off for me too!

It also was a time for me to think about easier things.

I know they're inexpensive but I love these shoes.

My world isn't all serious.

Have a great time!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Not Forgotten

It is reported that I haven't blogged for a couple of days.
Some can get the message without a word but I get it.
I promise to do it tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's What Is Around At Home

I have just past the 30th day (or a little more) since my stroke.
The damage and surgery, with another surgery to come, is in the brain just behind the left eye.
I bring this up only because I try to contribute to my partner, my business
and to those around me.  

I don't want to take from anyone.

Today it was a very rainy, cold morning.

It seemed more to me then just a bit of grey.  
So my job for the day was to seek and encourage
color from anything around me.  Seriously, even the power went out.
So the positive of that was it became a quiet time for meditation!

As always my mind drifts to things in the home and why they are here.

This yellow ware bowl was given to my Great Grandfather
 and my Great Grandmother.
As written previously, this couple gave me the love of game boards.
They also gave me a love of old bowls.
This is the only survivor of any of their yellow ware.  I love it.

My Great Grandfather's last name was Rick.
I go by Rick today to honor him and his last name.

Great Grandfather Rick owned a shoe repair shop in Carlston, Oregon.
Here is a picture of his last can of this good grease.
The jar was produced by a man in Newsberg, Oregon 
but his name got to be on it.

I love it all actually. 

We also love "Rebecka at the Well" teapots.
Had to sneak a photo of them as well.

Have a great day.

Thanks for checking in.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Talking Out Loud, Again!!!!

I took an opportunity to spend some time alone in our business the 
Little Antique Mall., Inc. today.

  The current medical situation allows me only small amounts
 of time in the business. 

Most of that time, when I am in, is spent for accounting reasons.  

But today I took the privilege of just looking around before sitting at 
the computer with Dan.

I noticed the way Niki and Jake put together such a great collection.  Some really nice antiques.  Right in the middle of it all is a Mickey Mouse telephone.  So funny, so interesting and it fit right in.  I "got it" with the Mickey phone!  Great idea.

So the Mickey Mouse telephone got me in the mood.  Just down the aisle Barb had added to her booth inventory.  Another interesting idea.  Where else are you going to find a feather telephone?

I mean such an idea should be at least explored right?  

Okay maybe not such a great idea with me.


So I went to our 5,000 square foot back room.  Randy and Ginny have changed from a smaller area to a larger space with a great wall spot.  It turned out really, really well.  Randy and Ginny has brought in an armoire.  It is beautiful, well placed and will sell soon.

Again, I would mention that Randy and Ginny do fabulous jobs with their antique mall booths.  They have had two booths in the front building and a space in the back room.  This new space is beautiful and larger then their past with us.  I wish I could photograph better. 

Welcome to your new space in the back room Randy and Ginny.

It sure helps me...I don't know if it helps anyone else...but it sure helps me.

Besides the feather telephone should change everything!!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Life Continues With Challenge

Life has been quite interesting.  

I have become more Buddha like and quite sincerely.   

It sounded like I was a joke this morning on facebook.  Honestly I don't remember much from the recent past.  Not even 5 minutes ago.  Frankly, I didn't know whether the dogs got their cookies and I got my vitamins this morning or visa versa.  I had to laugh at myself....the two dogs not so much....and laughter is better for me then tears.

I don't do too bad daily but Dan's help and love makes the real difference
 and it keeps me and the business alive.  

It is just my brains that are a bit scrambled right now.

BUT I still find ways to work on our business and think about the future of our business.

I think of all the friends and customers of our Mall.  
We are so lucky and so very grateful from so many lovely people in our lives.

Even as I work, in my head, our employees do beautiful things like above.  
Not just employees but our wonderful Dealers.

The story and details will continue to evolve and written about.  
The writing will get better for me as well.

Truly enjoy the moment!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Gratitude and Love!

28 days ago I had a stroke.  I am fortunate to be alive.  

It has been an incredible experience.  I am getting better every day but I still have great difficulty in writing or speaking.  Just simple words become impossible for me to even state at times.

I want to thank my partner Dan Beck.  We have been together for 23 years.  His ability to get me through this has been unreal.

I also want to make a statement of love from my sister of Michele Tindall.  Her support has been unconditional.  At times the moments have been less then perfect by me.

There are so many friends that have given me so much love, support, incredible food, laughs and privacy.  I am so humbled by you all.  I will be in touch as soon as I can.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh yes and don't forget the business.  LOL!  I worry about it too!