Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Change has begun since my AVM Stroke December 7th, 2012.
The Mall needs to change. 
All things need to change and grow.

We have decided to leave Bridgetown Coffee after 14 years.
No reason to go into it just leave it at as change.
Change is good.

We are going with Longbottom Coffee and Tea, Inc.
They have a great product.
Based in Hillsboro and been in business for 32 years.
They know Coffee and Tea Products.

Matt, our representative from the Company, is also one of our fine Dealers.
Matt was never aggressive about doing coffee business with us.
But when we were ready for a change he was eager to have the business.
No one else had ever asked us before.
Thank you Matt.

Longbottom Coffee and Tea, Inc
does great work around their community.
In fact they work and assist around the world.
Their values reflect our values so it seems natural
 we should be in business together.

Come on in and get a cup of coffee, mocha or latte.
We believe you will love their product when you come to visit us.

We are in transformation.

This weekend the Beach Boys are performing at 
Chinook Winds Casino and Resort.

We decided to have a Treasure Hunt themed around the Beach Boys event.

We hid a red rubber duck.
If you find it you will win the Treasure Hunt Gift Package.

For this Treasure Hunt the package contains:

A Rolling Stones Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll
Beach Boys Greatest Hits CD
Little Antique Mall T-Shirt
Little Antique Mall Hat
Little Antique Mall Coffee Mug
1/2 lb. of coffee beans
$20 Little Antique Mall Gift Certificate

So change and a Treasure Hunt.

Sounds like a fun weekend to me.

Hope to see you there.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blog Block!

I have had a block trying to come up with a blog lately.
Sometimes it just requires me to start something.  


So I am having coffee early this morning in my office upstairs.
I look across the room and there it is.

A very small baby sock monkey hanging on the corner of a window.
You all know about my sock monkey fixation.

Where did this baby sock monkey come from?

What is going on?

Dan is battling a mean one at our Mall.

We have a family of sock monkeys here at the house.

Now a baby one.

Sock monkeys are taking over!

Oh dear!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Aquarium Time

I have been busy setting up an aquarium.
One of those new modern ones that are pretty cool looking.
I hear watching fish swim help diminish stress.
I am all about no stress these days.

I am about walking the dogs, too.

Lincoln City Antique Week was extremely busy.
Dan is still putting all the numbers together and getting the Mall put back together.
It looks like people had fun and booths need to be freshened up.

This weekend is Newport's Seafood and Wine Festival.
I will have some more to say about that event.


Our new Coffee company which is so GOOD!

LONGBOTTOM Coffee and Tea, Inc.

You will be hearing a lot more about that too.
You are going to love the new coffee and tea.

Hope you are all having a good day.

I am.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quick Blog Today

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  
A deck day.
Not quite as nice today 
but my sister is coming so I will be busy!

My pictures aren't too good today but it is spring.
Daffodils have begun to truly bloom.

Even the miniature version of the daffodil is blooming in the yard.
They are so cute.  
So tiny.

Our southern property line is planted with Camellia bushes or trees now.
There must be 8 or 9 of them and they, too, have begun to bloom.

It is truly spring in the air.
I love Camellias and there are over 3,000 types.
Camellias originally came from eastern and southern Asia.

In a week or two they will be just covered with beautiful flowers.
The few peaking out now gives me hope.

The Wizard of OHSU has given me a path to follow.
5 or 6 weeks of more stress free quiet.
Then radiation while my head is bolted to a table for 8 hours.

Then we wait for a long time to see if it did the job.

That's it in a nut shell.

I am happy to know what I will be doing next.

I hope you are having a great day.

I am.

A Quick Movie

I made Dan act in my movie yesterday at the Mall.
He was a good sport.
I had fun and it is showing up everywhere
So I thought I'd better put a link here, too.

It is fun.
I'll blog more later today.

I hope you laugh.

We sure have.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Have I Turned Into A Crafter?

I realized tomorrow was Valentines so I needed to gather 
my home made cards for people.
I had them sorted and out for Daniel to take to work for me.
I had worked hard on these little cards.
The first time I have done that in years.

I took a picture for the "record."
And then found myself wanting to take a picture of cards we had made recently.
What is going on?

I haven't crafted anything since the 70's and it was macrame!
I think I'd better keep an eye on this new craft thing I seem to be picking up.  LOL

On another note I purchased a new dresser.
It is an old swimming pool locker for visitors.
It is just perfect and I had started to work it into the room when I took this picture.
It is so cool.  
I love it.

When I'm all done it will look perfect.
And the function to hold socks and things couldn't be better for me.
Old and funky too.
It's a winner.

Tomorrow, early, we have to meet with the Wizard of OHSU!
We are getting all the data on radiation treatment as a possibility.
It is the last bit of data we need to make the next decision.

I am ready to move on so let's get the rest of the info.

Let's make that decision!

I hope you all had a good day.

I did.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Robert's Bookshop

Robert Portwood has owned Robert's Bookshop for over 25 years now.
Yes the Bookshop is an institution and deserved its own poster!

Robert's Bookshop is located at:
3412 S.E. Highway 101
Lincoln City, Oregon 97367

Just coming close to his building you realize it is a special place.

We have left the car in the parking lot and rounded
 the corner to find the front door.
Yes I will repeat we knew we had found a special place.

Mermaids are magical at the beach.
This one is beautifully painted near the very front door.
You must pause and check it out as Dan did.

The building is huge and every nook and corner is filled with books.
I swear if it has been published there must be a copy at Robert's Bookshop

There are thousands of books.
Many hard backs but soft backs, too.

Robert has just acquired a huge collection of paper back books.
These books are very rare and are mostly science fiction, gore and pulp fiction.

The collection is still being unpacked and put on book shelves in order.

This room will be a private room once ready for the public to enter.
Again I stress they are still arranging, cataloging
 and placing the books of this collection.

This room will have the best protection of the entire Bookshop.
I kid you not.  Just check this out.

Dan is trying to exit the special room and 
found he was locked behind the old jail door.
It will be used and is being used.  No one just enters or leaves at whim.
They will have a staff member with them in this part of the Bookshop at all time.
I can't wait to spend some time there in the very near future.

Linda is a long time employee of Robert Packwood's at his Bookshop.
Linda has also been a dear friend of ours for many years as well.
We were so happy she took the time to show us around.
It has been way too long since we visited the Bookshop.

Robert's Bookshop also has an amazing collection of 
Pulp Art used for books in the past.

I know the pictures of this art would be better with a real camera.
But my cell phone is the best I can do.

Check out the art for sure.

Robert even has some vintage entertainment posters.
There is even antique toys here and there.
The Bookshop is a must stop.

I know I can spend more then just a few hours to do Robert Bookshop's justice.
It is incredible.  It is fascinating.  It is awesome.
It is a most astonishing shop.

You will never tire of the experience and you'll always see something new.
Plan on spending some time and not to be disappointed.

We hope you will enjoy it.

We did!


Valentine is coming up on us quickly.
Danielle just put up a great look at heart shaped objects on her blog.
I love it and I hope you will check it out. 

Danielle used to work for us and we miss her so much.
She has returned to Arizona but she is still on log and in our hearts.
I will do another blog right behind this but Danielle deserves her own mention.

We love you Danielle and Kirk, too!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Paul and Mika Create!

Paul and Mika are Dealers 13 in our Mall.
They have been with us for a number of years now.
I can't remember exact time but they are part of the Mall family for sure.

Paul and Mika decided to take more space..
They took a corner booth in what we call our "back" room.
What a wonderful surprise they did with their additional space.
I mean look at this.

Paul and Mika repurpose old objects.
Reinventing their purpose.
So clever and such enjoyment.

Look at their sign.



Paul and Mika take an old window.
It now has new life.
You may see it in a home kitchen or a restaurant maybe.
It is just plain cool.
That's all I need to say. 

The new "EAT" sign awesome.
All looked over by a parrot.

Dan is busy enjoying all the discoveries in this new booth.
Objects are now linked together for a improbable but genius use.
You could hang it anywhere.

Lighting fixtures are available.
Some made out of odd objects now have a new life as a lighting source.

Again objects linked together and hung.
Could be one or a curtain of them anywhere in the home or office.

And Dan is still exploring and excited with what he is seeing.

Me, too!

Even objects are grouped together, unlike, but perfect for the atmosphere, the mood, the eclectic sanity.

I think we have a hit here and you are going to want to come in soon 
and see it for yourself.
It is bedazzling to me and exciting.

And yes Paul and Mika are geniuses.
We are fortunate to have them in our lives and in our business.

Thank you!

And you should know I am working as much as I can in the Mall.
Often in the morning I am doing the cleaning.
Helping Dan with the books.

There were three options to fix my health issue.
After the tests on Tuesday the Wizard at OHSU has proclaimed 
we are down to 2 options now.

We are optimistic.
Besides it finally gives me time at home to work on a blog.
Time to maintain our ever so important Facebook presence.

I look to the future with eagerness.

I hope you do.

I do.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Things To Do While Out Antiquing!

It is important to do some other things while out shopping
 for Antiques and Collectibles.
At least it is for us and generally it involves food. 
Not always but food is at the top of the list for us.

I will be listing our favorite places as if entering Lincoln City
 from the North on Highway 101.

Our first stop would be Wildflower Grill.

4250 NE Hwy. 101

Vicky and Chuck own the restaurant.  They do a great job with food. 
 They also have a charming glassed in dining area 
where you overlook a wonderful small pond.  
You will see all kinds of wild animals and birds.  
A must experience to be sure.

Virtually next door to our business the Little Antique Mall is

Rockfish Bakery Cafe.

3026 NE Hwy. 101

The Rockfish Bakery Cafe is just south of our business.
Danelle Lochrie & Ethan Granberg are the owners.

Their bakery and cafe are awesome.  
From the fresh breads to the daily lunch specials you will love it.

They also do a special dinner one night a month.  
Prior reservations only and limited space so book quick 
or you will miss a dinner that is extraordinary!

Heading south on Highway 101 we find another favorite restaurant.
I told you for us it would involve food most times.  LOL

Blackfish Cafe

2733 NW Hwy. 101

Rob and Mary Pounding own the Blackfish Cafe.
There menu is excellent and the quality astounding.
Rob and Mary are very special to us as is their cuisine.

Not far south you will discover

Barnacle Bills Seafood Market

2174 NE Hwy. 101

I must admit I have forgotten their names 
and will remember them the moment I post this.

I apologize.

I can tell you this Seafood Market is excellent whether you want fresh
 Dungeness Crab, Salmon, Halibut, Shrimp and many other tasty things. 

A must stop!

Yes we do eat at home.  More so then people think.

 Kenny's IGA Foodliner

2429 NW Hwy. 101


4845 NW Hwy. 101

The produce is always so fresh and beautiful.

Kenny still is around making sure the store is running correctly.
Andy Morgan, his son, runs the store day to day and does a great job.
Thank you Andy.

Sometimes it is pleasant to find another activity besides eat.

Bijou Theatre

1624 NE Hwy. 101

The Bijou Theatre is owned by
Keith and Betsy Altomare.

They do a fantastic job entertaining us with films and their knowledge of the films.
Keith and Betsy have also been celebrating the 
75th anniversary of the Bijou Theatre.
Stop in, grab some popcorn and enjoy an entertaining film.

Back to eating now.

Jasmine Thai Restaurant

1437 NW Hwy. 101

Great spicy food. 
We like it there a lot and getting food to go is easy here!

 I need to clean up my hair and face on a regular basis.

Sizzor Hands

1221 NW Hwy. 101

Lori is the gorgeous lady who handles the appointment books.

Making us look grand are:

Cary, Rachelle, Erin or Jeremy.

The four of them are all good looking and captivating!
I love them all.

These hair stylists are first rate.
And on me they work miracles.

Now that I am looking good again I am back on Highway 101 
but I still feel a little tense.

So it is time to head to

Back In Touch Therapeutic Massage

1140 NE Hwy. 101

Owned by Rob and Lori Hollingsworth 

They do a great job.  Rob is very talented chiropractor and Lori as a very professional Therapeutic Massager.  She has several associates who help keeping the business fully staffed at all times.
Need to relax call Rob and Lori.  It will be taken care of for you.

You got it... I am hungry again.

Kyllo's Seafood and Grill Restaurant

1110 NW 1st Ct.

Owned by a brother and sister
Craig and Pam Kyllo.

They run a sensational dining room and small bar area.
Literally Kyllo's is on the ocean front.
Magnificent views of waves, people, seals, seagulls and whales.

A little piece of history.  
Craig and Pam let me wait tables 3 or 4 nights a week.
That way I could work our new small shop in the days and earn money at night
to help pay the bills.  It was an instrumental part of our story and I have always been grateful the Kyllo's let me work to give me the income, along with Dan's, to build our dream.
An Antique Shop which grew into the Little Antique Mall today.

I like puttering in the yard and I like planting new flowers or vegetables.

Bear Valley Nursery & Landscaping

2114 SE Hwy. 101

Scott and his wife do one heck of job.
I love their nursery and I always look forward for a visit to their business.

The first year round Christmas store in Oregon was in Lincoln City.

Established in 1974  it is the

Christmas Cottage

3305 SW Hwy. 101

Owned by Barb Jenkins the Christmas Cottage is an institution indeed.
You can shop 363 days a year.
It is a very special place to visit and 
find Christmas decorations that also make special gifts.
Check it out.

As we travel south we get to see one of my favorite views along our part 
of the Central Oregon Coast.  It is in the Taft area and is
easily seen from your car.  
An easy place to park and enjoy the view.

I never become bored with this view.
It is dynamic and changing sometimes moment by moment as the Siletz Bay
filled by the Siletz River empties into the Pacific Ocean.

And the Pacific Ocean always gets us in the mood for this.

Whether looking for fishing floats, fun junk, sticks for the dogs to catch or 
just walking quietly we love the beach.

We hope you enjoyed our little blog about some of our favorite places.

I did!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lincoln City Antique Week 2013!

Lincoln City Antique Week runs from 
Friday, February 8 through Monday, February 18, 2013.
We thought we would take a few moments and show you
 some shops we like to visit.

Our first place is our own of course.
"Not Just Another" Little Antique Mall, Inc.

For short we call it the Little Antique Mall.
It is located at 3128 NE Hwy. 101

During Antique Week our Dealers are having a great SALE!
Discounts are running (depending on the Dealer) from 10% to 50%.

Little Antique Mall will be hosting Treasure Hunts for great items.
Details about those events will be found on our business Facebook page.

You can also pick up Lincoln City Visitors Convention Bureau
 schedules and Antique Shop maps.

More information can be found at:

We like going to Bob's Beach Books.

 1747 NW Hwy. 101

Managed by Diana Portwood this establishment has lots of great books.

I should have taken pictures of her father's shop which is down in Nelscott.
It is called Robert's Book Shop.

In Robert's Book Shop they have a great inventory
 of antique and vintage books.
Right now Robert has just received a great collection
 of turn of the century Science Fiction books among antique things.
I can't wait to see that collection and we can all find that at:

3412 SE Hwy 101

We like stopping by Carrousel by the Sea in the Oceanlake area.

1615 NW Hwy. l01

This shop is owned by Leslie Schwartz!
Leslie has worked hard for years and there will be nice items to discover here.

Across the street you will find a building residing it's walls.

Rocking Horse Mall

1542 NE Hwy. 101

Rick Miner and his sister Dot Miner own the Rocking Horse Mall.

Their Mother, the late June Miner, was one of the pioneers
 and organizers of Antique Week here in Lincoln City.  
June and friends started Lincoln City Antique Week 24 years ago.

Rick is offering, in his antique downstairs area, 20% off.

Upstair at Rocking Horse Mall is called
  The Attic Mall.

You can always find a treasure there and their discounts are going to range from
10% to 50% off.  Check them out!  The Dealers of The Attic Mall
are going to extend their discounts all month of February.  

Granny's Attic is just down the block

1520 NE Hwy. 101

Granny's Attic is a small eclectic antique mall.
They will be offering 15% off and more through out the store.

We travel on down Highway 101 and reach the Nelscott area of Lincoln City.

You will find--

Nelscott House

3200 SE Hwy. 101

Owner is Jeannie Clink.

Jeannie is a fabulous person.  Yes I used the fabulous word and it's true.
We met her years ago and came to enjoy her and her sister so very much.

For Antique Week Nelscott House is offering 20% off store wide.
Nelscott House is also conducting a drawing for a glass float to the winner.
Register there and while there Jeannie is offering cookies and coffee.
You had better beat me to the cookies.  LOL

We travel on down south and come into the Cutler City area of our town.

Street Car Village is the last business area in Lincoln City
 and it houses 6 businesses.
All of those antique businesses are worth checking out but our favorite is:

Lucky Cats

6334 SE Hwy. 101

Owned by Brett Harrison and Sharon Cannon 

Lucky Cats only has one SALE a year and it is NOW!

Discounts on items will range from 10% to 25% off.
There are some consignment items.

Seriously Brett and Sharon put together a look that I would call "trend setting."
Beautiful.  Artful. Innovative.
I know you will enjoy stopping by and meeting them.

That is our blog for the day.

Tomorrow I will post pictures and information about other things to visit and do while here enjoying Antique Week 2013.  
We will show restaurants and shopping places we enjoy.

Sorry for all the typos.  

I hope you have fun and that you had a great day.

I did!