Sunday, September 2, 2012

It Is A Beautiful Place To Live

It is Labor Day Weekend and the weather couldn't be more beautiful.  I had yesterday off so what to do?  

Just north of us is Cascade Head.  It seemed a perfect day to take an easy hike to the promontory of Cascade Head.  Our friend Jon and his son Michael were going to go with me so the short hike seemed best and off we went. 

The hike itself is beautiful winding through the forest.  I didn't take any pictures of that (and I don't know why) but this is what you see
 when you emerge from the trees.

Looking south you see Lincoln City nestled
 between the Pacific Ocean and Devil's Lake.

You can sit in the meadow, in some areas, and just take in the vista.  This is a protected area so it is important to make note of the signs informing you of areas not to disturb.

You also can see the Salmon River Estuary.  The Salmon River Estuary has been going through habitat restoration for a several years.  Soon the Oregon Department of Transportation will be elevating Highway 101, that passes through the estuary, so that a more natural flow can occur throughout the area.  This will aid the recovery of all the flora and fauna in the estuary and will also help ease flooding during big winter storms. 

As I mentioned Jon and Michael made the hike with me.  Dan had to work so I was glad to have friends along.  We enjoyed water and cookies from 
Rockfish Bakery.

We had a great time.  Next time you come to Lincoln City and the weather is nice (and after visiting our Mall of course) you should drive to the top of Cascade Head and take this short hike.  It is well worth it.  More details can be found at this site.

Michael and I looked for dinosaurs during the hike.  Michael was certain there may be some around in the forest.  We didn't spot any.  

I also didn't spot any of these either.  But I was on the lookout.

I am grateful to live where we live.  We are surrounded by beauty and it helps restore the soul when we take a moment to take it all in.

Thank you for reading our blog.

Have a great day!