Monday, July 23, 2012

A Wonderful Treat

Yesterday, while working in our Mall, we had a wonderful treat in the form of a magical visitor.

We noticed a vehicle full of people parking a large trailer carrying an unusual old wagon.  When the merry band of visitors were shopping in the Mall a conversation began which often happens in our business.  It turns out the wagon that was being towed was a gypsy wagon and our visitors were a family of entertainers on their way to faerieworlds in Eugene, Oregon.

Bill went out of the Mall and returned with one of his wonderful puppets.  This photo does not do them justice at all and I apologize for that.  Bill and his puppet, which he made himself, entertained us.  What a magical and special moment it was.  I shall always remember it.

Bill and Sam have created a wonderful world and many wonderful characters.  They reside on Widbey Island and you can visit their world at

You just never know who you might meet or what might happen while you are at the Little Antique Mall.