Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Quick Walk Around The Mall

I took a quick walk around the Mall the other day.
I couldn't help but notice the gym locker that was for sale.
They are hot right now and the price is good on this one.

If you didn't like the color it would be easy to paint.
I think they are so cool.
I use a swimming pool locker for my dresser and I LOVE it.

I found that one in our Mall, liked the color, so moved it right in.
Then you just decorate around it.

The little salesman sampler caught my eye.
It can't be over 12 inches tall.
It is to show a window with shutters.
Very unusual to see or to find one.

We have always enjoyed primitives.
In fact we've collected primitives for years now.
This screened cupboard is adorable.
Someone needs to get it before I can't resist the temptation.

The same Dealer brought in an incredible piece of majolica.
It is a cake saver/server and is in perfect shape.
I have never seen another majolica one in all the time 
we have been in business.
This photograph does not do it justice but it was the best I could do.
Enjoy this beauty.

It just doesn't show how large it is which is too bad.
Check it out when you come visit us at our Mall.

Easter is fast approaching so this sign brought in is fitting.
It is precious and won't last long during the Easter Season.

If I could only find a big enough spot on the wall.  

I hope you enjoyed the quick trip around the Mall with me.

I did!


  1. What a wonderful collection you saw on your walk around. I love the swim-locker idea. My oldest granddaughter has a nice filing cabinet in her room as her dresser. Finding new uses for old things is a real art. Thanks for the tour ;)

  2. Thank you Rita and thank you for checking us out. Always good to see you!!!